We Guarantee our products for one year.

Refunds are given as repair or exchange for a defective unit only.  Modifications will void the warranty

We work as fast as we can to get your unit out to you.

Your unit is built after it is ordered.  We do not keep stock units on hand. (We would if we had more orders)  If we don’t get orders we can not grow and are going to fail.  We have bills to pay just like everyone else and don’t make units in cyberspace.  It is called cash flow.  We have made over 2000 units and most do not make posts.  If we don’t get any orders we can not pay our bills.

Every unit is hand assembled and customized for you.

From time to time we will encounter a backordered part.

Please be patient with us and know you will have the best possible product we can make.

Forum people think we are making millions.  Just trying to get this company going and keep the lights on is almost impossible.  Sometimes we go for weeks without an order and that slows us down!   One or two orders a month with no bank support or millions in google bucks. Arrrggg. We starve.  Despite having to overcome many hurdles we are doing everything in our power to get your orders out.  No Sales Makes Us Snails.  There are a few hateful people out there that want to bully this little company out of business.  Some of it outright slander and some of the same folks have ripped us off for units.  Others don’t even own anything we make.  We are not giving up.  We need your orders to keep on going.  Thanks.


When we do a build for you we go by the information  on the paypal receipt. Not previous email exchanges.  When you checkout make sure you leave us a detailed message of exactly what you want in the note to seller.  So we do not miss something.  Please know your interface.  Don’t have us build a stereo toshlink DAC and then hook it up to your Adat™  interface and then wonder why it doesn't work.

If you think you have a defective unit under warranty.  Return Shipping is your responsibility.  Warranties are non transferable. MODS/MODIFYICATIONS are not covered under warranty.  Hateful, Offensive, Threatening and Irritating email senders WILL BE BLOCKED. We do not engage in combative emails, forum discussions or social media   Contact via snail mail. 3507 lynnwood dr. bellevue ne 68123


We will only accept a cancellation within the first 48hrs of your order.  After that your payment is in our system buying parts etc.  If you decide to cancel after that we will  sell your unit and get you a refund as fast as possible.. We are not some giant company taking in hundreds of orders a day and are not setup to make instant cash refunds.  Thank you.

We are sorry but we no longer send out demo units.  Some seem to think the word demo means the same thing as free.

Demo units cost us bucks to build and when they don’t come back or get paid for.  You get the idea.

We are working our tails off getting your orders out.  Some Bash Us For Being Slow.  If We Don’t Get Orders We Can’t Go. We are a teeny weenie little company and are real people.  Not some giant factory overseas.  Getting this company off of the ground has been a labor of love for audio and to save you money.

Thanks so much for your support and your patience. It helps to keep our lights on, pay for bills and meds!!!  Sometimes.  Most of the time it does not.  All we want to do is get orders out.  Please allow us to get on our feet and grow.

Lost Art Audio is not responsible for any loss of revenue or consequential  damages in association with the use of its products.  Including the use or misuse of such devices.  Improper wiring.  Using damaged or modified devices.

Refunds are given as exchange or repair only.  We are not responsible for any shipping damages and do not include insurance in the shipping.  If you want it ask.

On very rare occasions we find someone we cannot help due to improper computer setup, soundcard issues, wiring  or some other unknown reason.  We try our best to help everyone.  Even the person that doesn't own a ten cent screwdriver.  If we elect to give a refund in that situation.  Bashing and Slamming on the internet will not make the refund process go any faster but exactly the opposite.  No Sales does not equal any kind of fast refund or resolution.   You can either work with us or against yourself.  If those conditions exist and we find the equipment to be non defective we may charge a 50% re stocking fee.

We DO NOT ship an order with a paypal claim.  We just sell it to recover Our losses.  We have folks that will not wait their turn and it messes it up For everyone.  Returns must be in original condition. Thanks.

We are a super small company it may take some time but we will get back with you.  sales@rossmartinaudio.com

We are always looking for investors to take us to the next level contact sales@rossmartinaudio.com

This domain and all of it's schematics and files are always for sale at the right price contact sales@rossmartinaudio.com

We will accept a 50% deposit on all orders contact sales@rossmartinaudio.com