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DAC output op amps confusing?

The original TI† output† circuit for the I/V converter and the 2nd order filter used ne5534ís and LT1028ís to achieve a snr of 129 and 132db (dual mode).


†Every op amp we use is better in performance than the original design.

Some folks canít live without the sound of an opa627 so we offer them.

Due to the high failure rate of the ADA op amps we will now only offer them on special request.† We no longer make the GS Unit which turned out to be a total flop and was the worst advice we have ever taken.† The parts had to be mounted with a GS hack and when they died we could not get our money back on any parts.† Lost thousands of dollars, still have units to replace and we took all of the blame for it.† Did not bash folks on social media.† Should have known better.

Thanks so much!