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Customer Comments PCM 1794

“Hello Ross, 
Thanks for the excellent customer service, I did receive the unit on Monday and 
given that it was brutal cold I let the device warm up slowly to avoid 
Gave the unit some critical listening with a friend yesterday and we both 
believe that your unit is a very high value device, with very pleasant audio 
properties.  I do not have any other DAC devices to compare apples to oranges, 
but the ability for me to stream FLAC files to my two channel system allowed me 
to compare it against good vinyl and my Marantz CD/SACD player.  MP3's sound 
pretty good, but the FLAC's rival really really good vinyl, so my music 
selection has just gotten a significant expansion. 
The headphone amp is a very nice feature and the compact size of the PCM allows 
me to take the device with me when I travel so I don't have to leave high 
fidelity at home!  
By the way, the ease of use of your design is absolutely one of the best 
features.  Rarely do I find a product that works exactly as advertised, let 
alone one that takes no configuration effort on the user like your product.  
Plug it in and it just works. 
Thanks for a great product and the excellent customer service. 
Ken”  Buyer Colorado

“HI Ross

again i am pleased to inform you that your dac is a wonderful performer,  since

i bought the second unit

from you which i gave to a friend as a christmas present,  he was very


i am considering another purchase for my office setup, would you happen to have

some on stock? i have

a more expensive rega  dac  but in my opinion, that overpriced dac (almost

usd1000)   does not even

sound anywhere near as good as your dac!

Chester” Buyer Hong Kong

“Good Morning Ross, 
 Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am 
with the d/a converter. 
I now own four different ones, yours is definitely 
the best. 
Many Thanks, 

Cheers from down-under,”

Buyer Austrailia

“Aloha Ross,
Wanted to thank you for my dad's box. It arrived today in perfect condition. Works and sounds great. Down the road I'll look for something for my system. Again a big mahalo to you.
Kindest Regards,
Bill “  Buyer Hawaii