Custom Made in The U.S.A. Professional Ear Gear

About Us

We are a super small company it may take some time but we will get back with you.

Ross Martin

M.M. In Music Composition, Theory  And Electronic Music N.T.S.U.


Prototype/Design Engineer Olathe Electronics

Pro Audio Service Manager K.C. Music & Pro Audio

Broadcast Engineer WHB, KUDL, KNEW,KSAN, KABL AM/FM

KT103,KGOR,KFAB, The Dam etc…etc.. Radio

Composer/Producer/Musician/Featured Artist

Ross Martin Audio was founded in the belief that HI-End audio is affordable for the HI-FI enthusiast as well as well as the Pro/Home Studio.

“Using only the best parts and the latest technology we want to bring HI-End audio into your world.”

Ross Martin

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          Employee Of the Year Shamrock Broadcasting 1993

                 Patty Disney     Ross Martin      Roy Disney

Proudly Made In The U.S.A.  By the Old Crippled Engineer and his Hot Soldering Wife.  We are trying to get back on our feet after many tragedies

In 2015.  Thanks to those who have supported us.  We Need Orders To Stay Alive.  We Do Not Make This Stuff In Cyber Space.  

Thanks so much! 

Ross and Mabry