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Audio Designs are based on TI’s line of “Sound Plus” TM and their Super High End Burr Brown PCM1794 DAC and PCM4222 ADC. Affordable High End Audio for the Home or Pro Studio.  All of our units are STEREO or Multi Channel. 

The PCM1794 Ultimate DAC is a must have converter for every studio and HI-FI enthusiast.  Our DAC and ADC are now used by SONY/McHenry Records Super Low Noise 129Db  Low Jitter with TI’s NEW DIX9211 Receiver. Low Distortion .  We now use opa1611’s and 12’s in our DAC’s

THD+N: 0.0004% with adjustable balanced outputs.

Optical and SPDIF inputs( RCA or BNC). AES and USB some models.  Studio Quality Reference  Mastering DAC

Hand assembled and tested in the USA.  Not a kit!  48 Hour Burn in.  Or custom configuration.

Internally Regulated DC Supply Voltages Of +3.3, +5,+15 and –15.

10ppm Crystal For The DIX9211

Direct coupled outputs all the way from the DAC to the Balanced Output Stage.  No hype about audiophile Caps.  Turns even the worst soundcard into a piece of HI END audio equipment.  As long as the card has a digital or optical output.  Upgrade your CD player, TV or anything else with a digital output.  Want A special config on the output jacks?  Just Ask.  Want a BNC on the SPDIF input.  Just Ask…….

Nothing to Adjust.  Just Plug it in and forget it!

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Buy Ross Martin’s Production Music Online  used by TWC and many others.

Our Heavy Duty Boxes are made of 16 Gauge Aluminum with REAL HARDROCK MAPLE LIGHT OR  DARK END PIECES.

Rack Mount Also.



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PCM1794A DAC Sale Price $261.48

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SONY RECORDING SAYS“great dac this thing here is awsome!!!! better than apogee !! try it

PCM4222 ADC Analog To Digital Converter.  32, 44.1,48, 88.2, 96, and 192 Sample Rates  Bit Depth 24,20,18,16 Word Clock In/Out . Selectable Filter Response Led VU Meters With Overflow Indicators.    AES, SPDIF COAX and Optical Outs.  Balanced XLR and 1/4” TRS Inputs   Price $468.08

Single DAC vs. Dual DAC.

A single DAC is wired in a stereo configuration.

A Dual DAC uses one DAC for the Left Channel and one DAC for the Right Channel.  Giving the Highest SNR Possible.

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